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 Installing a 4th Gen Keyless Entry to Your ThirdGen Fbody


Here is how the 1995 TRW Keyless Entry system got mounted into my 1984 Camaro Berlinetta.  The factory power door lock system is a little different on the later years so some info my not be accurate for 89? and up cars.  Berlinettas also have "timed" courtesy interior lighting.  In order to tap into your courtesy lights you will need to tap into that system using a different color wire.  ( C2 pin D will probably go to WHITE rather then my PURPLE ! )

Here is a picture of the 1995 keyless entry system.  Don't be discouraged by the picture of the truck on the key FOB.....  I had this one installed in my 91 Blazer Sport.  The "correct" key fob with be of the same exact style,  but it will have a picture of a car on it !



From                       To
95Z28                     84 Berlinetta

C1 (3 wire)
A) Black/White        Cap  (Ground to Program Transmitter to Receiver.)
B) Black                  Brown (Hatch Release relay)
C) Pink                    Pink/Black (Ignition power - Brake Switch)


C2 (8 wire)
A) Orange/Black     Cap
B) Red/Black          Cap
C) Grey                   Black (Door Lock Relay) * Lock ALL signal
D) White                 Purple (Courtesy Lights)
E) Black                  Black  (Ground)
F) Orange               Orange (Hot)
G) Tan                    Cap  * Unlock DRIVER signal
H) Tan                    Light Blue (Door Lock Relay)  * Unlock ALL signal


Hatch Cargo Light

In the early ThirdGens the cargo light did not work along with the courtesy lights and was only controlled by a switch on the rear hatch trim panel.  To connect the Hatch Cargo light to the Courtesy Light system in your Berlinetta simply splice the PURPLE Courtesy wire ( could be WHITE or ORANGE wire on a "regular" ThirdGen ! ) to the 'hot' wire on the cargo light switch.  When this is done during the keyless entry install the user can push the hatch button on the key FOB and the hatch will open and the light will be automatically turned on for you.


**  This wiring description will cause BOTH doors to unlock/lock on your ThirdGen when the Key FOB is pushed. The factory 4thGen TRW set-up should unlock the drivers side with one push,... or both sides with 2 pushes of the button.  This is only possible if the factory ThirdGen power lock system is modified so that each lock solenoid is wired independently.
My keyless is installed inside the center console and I get pretty good reception when close to the car...... but it could be better.  This web-link to will explain how to greatly increase the working range of the factory TRW keyless entry transmitter.  ( basically by creating a long antenna ) entry range   

Here are the Door Lock wiring schematics for the 1984 Camaro, 91 Camaro, & the 1995 Z28 Keyless Entry system.  If you click an image than it will open "full sized" for you ! 


1984 Camaro Door Locks 1992 Camaro Door Locks 1995 Z28 Keyless #1 1995 Z28 Keyless #1