Camaro Interior  


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E-Brake Handles          
1982-92 Standard E-Brake Handle 1984-1986 Berlinetta Rubber E-Brake Handle 1982-1992 Leather E-Brake Handle
Console Parts          
1984-86 Berlinetta Automatic Shifter 1984-86 Berlinetta Automatic Shifter
1982-92 Rear Console Ash Tray 1984-86 Berlinetta Automatic Shifter Handle    
Overhead Console Parts          
84-90 "CAMARO" FlashLight        
Rear Hatch Shade          
82-89? Vinyl Hatch Shade      
Dash Parts          
1982-1992 Air Conditioning Dash Vents ( set of 6 ) 1982-1989 Hush Panel Diagnostic Port Cover 1982-92  Diagnostic Plug Cover
A & B Pillar Plastic Trim          
1982-1992 Hard Top A & B Pillar Panels 1982-92 T-Top A  & B Pillar  Panels
Colored Plastic Parts          
1982-92 Seat Belt Trim 1982-92 Hatch Rod Trim 1982-92  Hatch Rod Bolt Cover
1982-92 Hatchback Power Option Contact Panel 1982-92 Sail Panel Coat Hooks
Miscellaneous Plastic Parts          
1982-92 Locking Storage Lid Bolt Covers 1982-92 Roll-Up Hatch Shade Mounts
1982-92 Manual Seat Feet 1982-92 Manual Seat Feet ( Pass Front