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The Modification List

Cherry Red Paint
T-Tops ( Was a Hardtop from the factory )
Rubberized rocker panels
Leather Bra ( Occasionally )

SandStone Gray Custom Cloth
Hatchback Shade
Cloth T-Top Shades

Factory 305ci
Holly 600 CFM Carb
Chrome Valve Covers
K&N air cleaner
Accell Vac Adv. Dist.
Accell 8mm wires
Splitfire Plugs
Carter Fuel pump

L69 Flexplate

Rear Gears
Stock 3.23 Drum
Balanced Steel Driveshaft


IROC 16" 5-Star
245/50/16" Tires
Poly Tranny mount
(86) IROC Front Sway Bar
(86) IROC rear Sway Bar
New HD rear Shocks
(85) Z-28 Factory Front Bracing (6 pcs)
HD Pads in Front
86 IROC Aluminum Drums / Spacers

Factory & Optional
Digital Dash
Post Mounted Cassette/Equalizer
Flashlight roof console
Completely Carpeted interior
Factory GM mats
Leather Brake handle
Locking T-Tops


A little Background :

    This car was originally a V6 and converted to a V8.  This was the second Third Generation F-Body I ever bought.  The original engine from my Green Berlinetta was installed into this car and I used it as a daily driver for few years as I worked my way thru junior college.  It remained basically a "stock" car the entire time I owned it.  There were no digital camera's back then so there are not many detailed pics available.  I sold this car to a good friend and he was able to get a little use from it - but this car turned into a submarine when it got caught in soft gravel at the shoreline - and the tide came in !   At least it was fun while it lasted !!