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 Third Generation Camaro Berlinetta Technical Database


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 The TECH section of this website is to help provide Berlinetta owners locate some information regarding their specific model year and type of  Camaro.  The Berlinetta will be the main focus of these pages but much of this info covers all Third Generation Camaro and Firebird Cars.  The Camaro Berlinetta exterior, interior, drive-train combination and availability are briefly covered. I will add to this section of the website as time allows. You can select from the model years listed above for detailed Berlinetta information or click any of the Web Links on this page for more general 1982 to 1992 Camaro and Firebird data. 

 John in RI  


 Camaro Berlinetta Electrical Wiring Manuals Available for Download !      

 Click Here for The Digital !


 82-85 Camaro Berlinetta & Sports Coupe FRAME RAIL UPGRADE !!    

 Third Generation Camaro Berlinetta Frame Brace Upgrade 


 Third Generation Camaro & Firebird C100 Connector & Fuse Box  

 Click Here for 82-92 C100 & Fuse Box INFO ! 


 Third Generation Camaro & Firebird C207  & 221 Connectors    

 Click Here for 82-92 C207 & C221 INFO ! 


 4th Gen Keyless Entry Upgrade for Third Gen Camaro / Firebird    

 Click Here for Keyless Entry Upgrade ! 


 Small Block Chevy Valve Stem Seal Replacement Guide    

 Click Here for Technical Article !   


 Small Block Chevrolet Valve Lash / Rocker Arm Adjustment Guide  

 Click Here for Valve Map & Technical Article !  


 1982-1987 Production Spring Rates and Sway Bar Dimensions  

 Click Here for Spring / Sway Bar Data !