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The Modification List

Formula Hood
Formula Hatch
Gold GTA Wheels
Custom Decals 
Firebird Tran Am GTA Crosslace Wheels

1987 Trans Am 2-tone Red/Grey Seats and Door Panels    
Red Carpets and Red Sunvisors added to compliment 2-tone
Delco Stereo with Cassette & Equalizer
Custom Front / Rear Speakers 
120 Trans Am Speedo installed    
Recovered Headliner installed
Overhead Roof Console Instlaled
Factory Power Hatch Release system added
Cutom Shifter Handle

1984 305 LG4 Engine   
85-86 "finned TPI valve Covers
Factory Aluminum Intake
New OEM QuadraJet 4 barrel Carburetor
L69 "HO" Duel Snorkel Air Cleaner System

T5 5-Speed Trasmission
1984 "HO" Lightweight Flywheel
3.73 Gearing  

Stock Manifolds ( plugged ) and Y-Pipe
New Cat 
Stock Cat Back, duel exit  

1985 Trams Am 'Performance Suspension' Front & Rear Springs
1987 IROC Front & Rear Sway Bars
New Front and Rear End Links 
IROC Steering Box blasted, then painted with the Steering System  
Tubular Rear Control Arms and Panhard Bar

Factory & Optional
Power Windows from the factory, ( most needed replacement/repair )

Back Ground
Big John has owned this car for around 25 years.  Most of it's life it was a very mild mannered V6 commuter car.  Big John had moved to Florida but came back to RI around 02' and once he was close-by again I was able to influance him and the upgrades began !  When I say this was a "base car" I mean it !  Started life as a V6 with automatic, dull grey interior, & even a 'dummy light' Instrument Cluster !!  We stared off by pulling the V6 out and installing a well seasoned LG4.  The factory V8 ECM system was even included and the wiring was corrected so the "Check Engine" light worked normally.  The car still has a factory exhaust but now thatthe car is an antique, the smog accessories were removed and the AIR ports were plugged.  That was good for awhile but the upgrades never really end - do they ?!?  The next upgrade was to the Suspension.  The 'rare' 1985 Trans Am  Front/Rear Springs were installed as well as s  34mm hollow Front Sway Bar.  A few seasons go by with some changes to the body (A Formula Hood and Hatch, new Fenders ect... ) and our next big project was to convert it to a T5. While converting the tranny I took the time to install and set-up a full gauge cluster and a 120 Speedo Gauge Cluster for it.  That was good, but a couple season later he bought - and I build - a 3.73 Rear end for it.  While installing the rear end the rear suspension was upgraded with a tubular Panhard Bar as well as a pair of tubular Rear Control Arms.   The interior had basically stayed the same other than the gauge cluster upgrade; but during the summer of 2011 we installed a 2-tone Red/Grey interior that I found in someone's wrecked Trans Am garage queen.  WOW ----->  What a car !!


Over the years Big John has entered his Firebird into a few seasonal cars shows in the Rhode Island area.  His ride is a big hit with both "judged/points" and attendee car shows as as well as the weekly Hot Rod cruise nights.  His collection of plaques and trophies is growing every year,... These are the ones that I know about:


2008:  2nd Place  Little Rhody Pontiac Club

2009:  Class Finalist  Auto's of the World

2009:  Top 20 Little Rhody Pontic Club Annual

2010: 2nd Place Little Rhody Pontic Club Annual

2011:  2nd in Class   Auto's of the World

2011:  Great GM Classic  Auto's of the World

2011:  Top Choice  Hurd Auto Mall

2011:  Featured car of the Month NECF Calander (December)

2012:  1st Place Auto's of the World  ( 365 of 400 scale )

2013:  1st Place Auto's of the World 

2013:  Featured car of the Month NECF Calander (September)




Here are a few pictures taken to show & remember the Long Road Traveled  !  ( click for full sized. )